About Us

Founded in 2018, Stern & Cie. reinvents the concept of traditional independent watchmaking and is proud to offer vintage-inspired timepieces handcrafted in Munich, Germany.

We do it the old-fashioned way. Our cases are designed on the paper and made by hand just like it was done decades ago. It takes over 50 operations to turn a slice of raw material into a precision watch case. With manually controlled tools only, with neither CNC-machines, nor CAD assistance. Completely in-house.

We are not looking for shortcuts. That is why we put a lot of effort into one the most sacred and important processes in watchmaking - dial-making. No matter how many steps and different processes it takes to turn a metal sheet into a beautiful dial, still, this is made by hand and even using true vintage tools.

Details matter. That is why we are keen to manufacture as many parts as possible in our workshop in Munich. With the help of both very traditional and our very own unconventional techniques, we are crafting our own hands and our own winding crown. Our own buckles and our boxes. Our own fixtures and our own tooling.

Finally, we add a touch of modernity with a hi-end Swiss movement. One of the best in the market, cutting edge, precise and refined. Along with sapphire crystal and waterproof capabilities, it completes the blending of traditions and technologies by reinforcing the vintage conception with features it could only benefit from.

Quality. Craftsmanship. Flexibility. These words matter for us and we are striving to deliver the best quality in combination with maximum flexibility. That is why we're not only offering our limited series but also giving you the opportunity of becoming our co-author and co-creator. If you have a dream watch - our atelier can bring it to life and guide you through the whole process.